Schedule of Sessions

3 Consecutive Sessions led by the Witness Stones Project

Session 1. History of Slavery and West Indies Trade in Connecticut

  • History of Colonial Connecticut inclusive of the centrality of trade with the West Indies and enslavers there.
  • The history of slavery in Colonial Connecticut and early American Connecticut.
  • Introduction to the Witness Stones Project.

Session 2: Discovering Slavery Through Primary Documents

wednesday, march 8 (6-8pm)
  • The Five Themes of Slavery and how they are used to understand slavery in Connecticut.
  • Extracting evidence of the Five Themes using Primary Documents through group Jigsaw Activity.
  • Sharing the evidence of slavery to the session attendees thematically.
For youth and Leaders

Session 3: Creating a Biographical Sketch of a Locally Enslaved Person

Wednesday, March 15 (6-8:PM)
  • Review the Five Themes and their use for extraction of evidence to tell the story of and enslaved individual.
  • Group document analysis focusing on evidence provided by WSP.
  • Discussion of facts, chronologies, and narrative arch.
  • Prepare teachers and students to begin process of collecting and analyzing information and writing a biographical sketch.
For youth and leaders

Youth & Leader Sessions

3 Sessions led by Trained Youth Leaders at WEPCO

Session 1: How do we want to tell the story of John C. Wally?
sunday, march 19 (11:30am-1:pm)
Session 2: constructing the narrative
sunday, april 16 (11:30am-1:pm)
session 3: completing the narrative
sunday, april 23 (11:30am-1:pm)

Sessions continued at Westport Unitarian Church

Sessions to continue during the sunday education hour